Waltzing Words

This solo multimedia work looks at how one person grows and develops within an urban environment. The dancer is cradled by a mass of voices, a barrage of words in which voices become sound rather than sense. At first she appears as a child playing in an adult world, self-absorbed, fascinated as much by her own body as the sounds and sights around her. Then gradually comes the discovery of the other, of sensuality, of her body as a means of communication. The piece explores the irresistible pull of spirals, be it in the body, in graphic form or in the continuous flow of the waltz. The idea that in our spatial and social relations with our environment, our conscious decisions serve only to punctuate the flow of inevitable progress that carries us from one day to the next.

“When the noise faded away to reveal the euphonious strains of Chopin, Pilbrow came alive, her muscular back just as arresting as her eyes.
She danced as a woman, reminding me of a modern day Isadora Duncan as she clutched her solar plexus while the lights came down.”
Germaine Cheng, Resolution Reviews

Wild Landscape
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